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We are kicking off 2018 with some MAJOR inspiration! Meet Moana North, the creative genius behind Hunted Fox. Moana worked in the wine and spirits industry for 15 years, where she felt like all she was doing was collecting a paycheck. After reading the book The Artisan Soul, she decided she was not living up to her full potential. Sewing was a childhood passion, so she decided to start her “purpose project”. Hunted Fox became her creative outlet that impacts positivity. It was important for her to give back while creating her passion pieces. She and her husband have chosen to give 10% of all proceeds to AdoptTogether. A crowdfunding platform designed to bridge the gap between families who want to adopt and the children who need loving homes.

 Moana pours passion and thought on every piece she creates. “These aren’t anatomic objects- they’re witnesses to your life. Maybe on a family’s toughest nights, this is the blanket they pull over their body, that makes them comfortable.”

 More about Moana-

 If you could have lunch with any woman, who would it be and why?

 Lucille Ball.  She had incredible command of her own presence, timing and comedic authority.  Mostly, she operated in a 360 degree formula that allowed her to pioneer a space that women had not been previously. As the first woman to run a TV studio she created and produced her own shows, where she was of course the star. She was the OG Kris Jenner, super powerhouse, watch me roar babe, and I'd love to drink lunch with her any day of the week.  Just to capture the droplets of wisdom she couldn't contain...

 What is your passion? 

Creating and making things happen.  Drawing out the creative genius in others who thought they weren't able. There's something amazing about turning a light on to a new way of viewing something and putting wings in another person’s hands.  From a business strategy to a new home with 3 simple changes and a few bucks: nothing beats moving someone out of their comfort zone and into a newfound place of freedom and expansion. 

 Who inspires you?

The doers of the world. If something excites, angers or impassions you - it's your job to give 100% of your effort to affect that thing for its greatest good and those around you. Best said in the words of Erwin Mc Manus “Those who use every last arrow in their quill leaving nothing for tomorrow that cannot be done today and nothing they could have accomplished in this life for the next one.” Those who view the world and their environment as their personal responsibility to better.

Ain't nobody got time for a lotta words that don't show up to change anything!

What does a typical Sunday look like for you?

Hit our church Mosaic for a little soul food.   Stroll through the farmers market on Larchmont Blvd for weekly veggies and fresh bread. Grab a bite and the worlds best coffee at Go Get Em Tiger then head to my studio DTLA to create.  I love the days when no one is around and I can play with things I am trying to teach myself or get funky thinking outside of my norm. My favorite part of the day is heading home for a dinner with family, friends and neighbors. Sunday dinner is a tradition in my house and it's the one thing I look forward to no matter what's going on in life. Filling it with good people, great food and delicious wine. It's where all of our lives unfold and will forever be the best part of any Sunday. 

 Who are your favorite female entrepreneurs at the moment? 

So many!  We live in an era of fierce women! Shonda Rimes, Dianne Von Furstenberg, Joanne Malone, Justina Blakeney....

However, I've been so inspired by this tribe of women who are mammas, wives, single gals chasing their dreams pouring their hearts out through what they create.  I've never felt so connected as I have when I am in the vibe with women like Lethrice and all of my other gal pals who are creating beautiful things and making their vision real. 





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