Lethrice is a third-generation milliner.  In 1935, her Lolo Angkoy (grandfather in Tagalog), founded their family’s global hat manufacturing company.   Lucban Hats factory was built in 1961 nestled in the center of Marikina, Philippines. Growing up, she witnessed first-hand the dedication and craftsmanship that went into the creation of every headpiece. "I spent countless hours playing in our showrooms, admiring every single piece on the hat walls. I would beg my parents to take me to the factory after school instead of home, and I would hang out and watch our workers weave, sew, and block the hats."  Lethrice shared.  (Voyage LA)
Her father often traveled to America and Europe while participating in world fairs.  Her mother would stay with her and her brothers while running her own business - manufacturing and exporting embroidered placemats and women’s accessories. They moved to the US while her parents continued to travel and run their businesses both locally and in Manila. They invested and started a business in America and California became their home.
After college, she wanted to learn more about accessories design and businesses founded in America. She worked for some of the industry’s most coveted brands like Ralph Lauren and Calypso St. Barth until she was ready to start her own. "It wasn’t until I had both my boys that I truly felt I was ready to start my journey. It was important to me to share and continue our family’s heritage." Lethrice told OC Weekly.  Born out of her desire to revive the donning of hats as an essential accessory, Anhcoy continuous her grandfather and father’s legacy. The brand feature collections carefully handcrafted by artisans using traditional skills learned and passed down from generation to generation.




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