Hello Anhcoytribe!!

My name is Sofia and I'm the Com intern. Aside from my favorite hat, Treyce, I love to travel. Here are a few fab places I think you all should visit!

Where We’d Rather Be.

We are absolutely in love with the Beverly Hills Hotel! You can’t go wrong dining at the fabulous Polo Lounge for delicious soufflé, handcrafted by the exquisite pastry team. The interior design aesthetic is insanity. Banana leaves everythang!!

Photo via McCann Design Group


We are too excited to dive into that deep blue water of San Sebastian! These beaches are just to live for. I don’t know about you but I’m grabbing my Hendrix and heading to the beach. While your at it, head to Plates of Pintxos to taste the absolute best flavors of Spain.

Photo via eTips Travel Apps


Next stop! Capri Italy. Wow. How amazing are those views! I’m so ready to explore those absolutely charming cobblestone paths. Throw on your sunnies and lets go discover the beautiful shops built into the hillsides of Capri.

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We’re headed to Mykonos Greece! Just wait for the sun to set and your heart might melt. After a quick dip in the stunning waters, throw a white dress over that bronzed skin and head out for a glass of wine, overlooking the water. If theres a place to find a summer romance, it’s here!

Photo via Sunday Chapter 


Tea time in Paris! This picture wouldn’t be complete if we weren't indulging in Angelina chocolate. The best in the world! I’m having tea and pastries but mostly just chocolate. After tea it’s time to visit the most romantic spot in Paris, you guessed it… The Eiffel Tower.   

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