Shopping Local

A family stroll to our neighborhood farmers market is my ideal Saturday morning.  Supporting our local farmers while spending some healthy, quality time with my husband and boys is a fantastic way to start a day.  Shopping local is one of the main reasons I frequent farmers markets.  Aside from freshness, an advantage of shopping at the market is buying specialty food that can be hard to find at the local store. 

One of the vendors in our market sells the most amazing assortment of mushrooms including the decadent truffle.  The ultimate market find.  I am absolutely crazy for fresh truffles.  Angel hair pasta sprinkled with black truffle shavings is sinfully delicious! 

The super-fresh bundle of dinosaur kale to make Liam's favorite kale chips is often picked the day before.  I usually make my Lemon Quinoa and Kale salad as soon as we get home. 

 Since we have an abundance of strawberries in California, markets are filled with the most radiant assortment.  We never leave without picking up a basket.  It's certainly a staple in my kitchen.  They are divine tossed in a kale salad drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette. 

We usually end our shopping trip with a refreshing drink.  Our vendor makes the most delicious cucumber chia lemonade.  I even forgot to take a picture because I was very busy indulging in all its sweetness!






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